Find solace in nature’s lap.


The Resort
The Resort Just 8 kms north of the famous garrison town (and now capital of Uttarakhand) of Dehradun, Waltèrre is a retreat, at once elegant and discreet, with some of the world’s most gorgeous mountain views. The villa has four luxurious bedrooms, where the mood is stylish and leisurely. All the rooms have antique four-poster beds. Waltèrre welcomes you to its breezy, sunny, open spaces, and its exquisitely designed, sumptuously welcoming interiors. Whether cosily ensconced in the lovely fire-lit drawing room or surrendering yourself to nature on the sun-splashed, pillared upper verandah, you can feast your eyes on the lush greenery, the clear blue skies and the majesty of the surrounding mountains.

Electricity and Air-conditioning
Each room is equipped with air-conditioning. However, we ask you to be sparing in its use and, to preserve resources, not to leave the air-conditioning on whilst your room is unoccupied or when doors and windows are open. You can adjust the controls to a suitable evening temperature if you wish to use the air-conditioning while sleeping – we recommend you maintain the temperature between 19-21 degrees with low to medium fan strength. All rooms are heated in winter. Power outages are common in India. Waltèrre has a dedicated generator which turns on after a few minutes in the event of a power-cut. You will also find candles and torches in your room.

The house has wi-fi and internet and all mobiles work in the area.

You are in the house of a publisher. The Waltèrre Library holds several books to suit all kinds of readers. Feel free to browse through all books at any time during your stay. We appreciate your leaving them behind for future guests to enjoy. English newspapers are available.

Bath towels are provided for your use, but for the sake of the environment please re-use them unless they are soiled. Towels are changed every two days. If you require a change, please leave your towel in the linen basket.

It’s precious everywhere, and Waltèrre is no different. Please use it sparingly.

The tropical sun is strong, even in the cool hills, and when deceptively hidden by clouds. We advise applying a lotion or cream with a high sun protection factor (spf) and avoiding overexposure to direct sunlight, to prevent sunburn and sunstroke.

Walterre retains the service of a Yoga expert, who provides both short and long term lessons. Please let us know if you want to use his services. Payments are made directly to him.

Professional masseurs can be arranged on prior notice.


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